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The "Christmas Coal Ash Spill" Remembered


On December 22, 2008 an ash dike ruptured at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County, Tennessee. More than a square kilometer of land was covered in roughly 4 billion liters of coal ash slurry. What's worse is that the ash...

Death of Coral Reefs
(Media / Death of Coral Reefs)

A short video made to promote Coral Reef awareness Not-Interesting Facts: -80% of the picture

The Hidden Costs...
(Media / The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers)

Americans love hamburgers -- we eat about three burgers a week. But what are the hidden

(Media / "Sunshade" Climate Change 5 Billion a Year)

Planes or airships could carry sun-dimming materials high into the atmosphere for an


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