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10-year-old Convinces Jamba Juice to Stop Using Styrofoam


Mia Hansen thought it was asinine that smoothie company Jamba Juice, which bills its product as healthy and natural, serves your People Chow in an Earth-unfriendly giant styrofoam cup, so she started a petition to get the chain to stop using styrofoam — and it worked. Mia collected over 130,000 signatures, and Jamba Juice agreed to phase out styrofoam by 2013. Read the full story here: Join the conversation on Facebook Add TDC to your circles on Google+ Follow The Daily Conversation on Twitter Photos used in this video: Jamba smoothie Jamba Juice Store Keywords: TDC TheDailyConversation The Daily Conversation 10 ten year old Mia Hansen Sara Jamba Juice Stop Using Styrofoam Polystyrene Cup serves serving smoothies environment pollution California Company change pressure petition signed Greenpeace sierra club tree hugger liberal progressive democratic democrat President Barack Obama Pacific Ocean Trash recycle recycling garden flower eating TDC TheDailyConversation inspiring inspire hope climate change global warming beaches landfills energy renewable solar wind hydro biofuels bio news

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