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Ecotourism travel tip No. 6 - Go Organic!

Description Go vegetarian at least once a week. To produce one pound of beef requires 40 times more water than is used to produce a pound of potatoes. Before you buy beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf. Also, cows produce a huge amount of methane -- which is officially the No. 2 greenhouse gas. So get those seasonal greens down you and smile!

WWF PSA - This...
(Media / WWF PSA - This Tiger is Running - 30)

This is the Year of the Tiger. But the plight of wild tigers doesn't call for much

(Media / NASA EDGE: DUST Project)

Does the co-host have what it takes to collect and analyze dust data? NASA EDGE travels from

(Media / Environmental Impacts of Travel and Tourism (excerpt))

Considering climate change, the debate around carbon emissions, stakeholder needs and


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