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210 Million Tons


210 Million Tons is a film about waste, and a few people who don't mind getting dirty as they take things into their own hands—the things that other people throw away. These few Fort Collins, Colorado residents are not homeless, nor are they among the working poor. In fact, two are college students, one has Bachelor's Degrees in Geology and Electrical Engineering, and one is a published author with a PhD in Literature from Purdue. But they have another thing in common: they hate waste.
Watch these new millennium dumpster divers as they hit up the best spots for office supplies, food, and clothing. Hear them talk about why and how they do it. Learn about the waste habits of the number one trash producing country in the world in this short form documentary by filmmakers Shari Due and Dan Messineo of Fort Collins. A joint production of Be Reel Pictures and Mayeda Studios.

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