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Screech Owl Chattering - Exotic Pet Vet Uncut Video


"Fireball", an education owl rehabbed and cared for by The American Wildlife Refuge ( This is the noise that a screech owl makes -- they don't actually "screech" or "hoot"-- and, he is fully grown. This is as big as a screech owl gets!

2. The Living...
(Media / 2. The Living Planet - The Frozen World.avi)

Broadcast 26 January 1984, this programme describes the inhospitable habitats of snow and ice.

(Media / Butterflies!)

Video of some of the hundreds of exotic butterflies living at the Brookside Gardens butterfly

Macaw birds in...
(Media / Macaw birds in the Amazon jungle - BBC wildlife)

See these exotic parrots as they live in the rainforest. Beautiful multicoloured macaws feed


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