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Angel and I were out filming wild life on the open ocean off the Los Angeles coast yesterday and thought we saw a balloon from a far distance. We always collect the many balloons we see on every ocean expedition and as we approached this balloon, we noticed it was entangled with a young loggerhead sea turtle!!!! We jumped in, pulled it on board, and cut the line/balloon material off. We took the opportunity to quickly talk about and hopefully educate people about the importance of throwing away your balloons and trash and how they affect marine life. This is the second sea turtle we have encountered in the last couple months that has been tangled in trash. Throw away your balloons!!! Bryce Trevett Angel Hernandez

Arctic sea ice...
(Media / Arctic sea ice reaches lowest point ever)

Scientists from the US Government's National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) overnight

Arctic Ice Drops...
(Media / Arctic Ice Drops To Record Low)

Arctic sea ice has dropped to its lowest level on record, both a symptom and amplifier of a

How I See the Ocean
(Media / How I See the Ocean)

A response to the question "How Do You See the Ocean?" I see the ocean as a natural source of


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