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Global Deforestation


Global deforestation: seeing the forests, a blinding picture of the 21st Century. A short film 'borrowed' from The Princes Rainforest Project narrated by Prince Charles that presents the issue of global deforestation in a clear, simple and concise way. This film explains why we should all act now to protect the world's rainforests and begin to realise their true value. The issue of global deforestation is vast and complex. bloomtrigger aims to be one small, yet essential part of the solution.

World Food Day...
(Media / World Food Day 2012 video feature: Agricultural Cooperatives -- Key to Feeding the World)

For people working in all areas of agriculture, all over the world, cooperatives and

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(Media / Insight to Global Change: EOS/SAR Mission)

This video presentation describes the methods and instrumentation used to help in determining

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(Media / Symphony of Science - Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video))

A musical investigation into the causes and effects of global climate change and our


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