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Biomes of the World


Biome project for Biology class. Covers flora, fauna, and main facts of the rainforest, temperate deciduous forest, tundra, taiga, grassland, desert, marine, and freshwater biomes. Music by Memphis. The songs are, in order, I Dreamed We Fell Apart, A Little Place in the Wilderness, and In the Cinema Alone. Thanks to the following Youtube videos: For the desert section, I mixed up the flora and fauna titles. Just ignore that, please.

The Last Ocean -...
(Media / The Last Ocean - Official Trailer)

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the world's most untouched and intact marine ecosystem. Scientists

Saving the Coral...
(Media / Saving the Coral Reef)

This is my "Change the World" project for my school environmental science class.

Death of Coral Reefs
(Media / Death of Coral Reefs)

A short video made to promote Coral Reef awareness Not-Interesting Facts: -80% of the picture


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