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Snake Facts : Columbian Rainbow Boa Snakes


The Columbian rainbow boa snake is a constrictor snake, meaning that it squeezes its prey to death by stopping the blood flow of the prey. Learn more Columbian rainbow boa snake information from a reptile specialist in this free video on exotic pets. Expert: Cordell Jacques Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years, currently working at Huron Pet Supply in Ann Arbor, Mich. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

Death of Coral Reefs
(Media / Death of Coral Reefs)

A short video made to promote Coral Reef awareness Not-Interesting Facts: -80% of the picture

(Media / Fracking explained: opportunity or danger)

How I See the Ocean
(Media / How I See the Ocean)

A response to the question "How Do You See the Ocean?" I see the ocean as a natural source of


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