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Fiji Banded Iguana


The Fiji Banded Iguana is an arboreal iguanid and, you guessed it, are endemic to the Fiji Islands. They are diurnal and herbivorous and eat leaves, fruit and flowers. They can reach 24 in. in length and can supposedly change color to match their environment. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

The Fijian Nose...
(Media / The Fijian Nose Flute - Remains of Fijian Culture)

Pacific Blue Foundation presents a short clip of Kaveni Tamani, one of the last Fijian Nose

One National News...
(Media / One National News - Fijian Culture Celebrated with Camakau Historic Boat Races)

Pacific Blue Foundation sponsored Historic Camakau Boat Races in Fiji to promote awareness of

Albino Iguana |...
(Media / Albino Iguana | Albino Iguana Facts) Iguanas are sensitive creatures; most of them rely on


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