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CROCODILES, the last dragon [Promo ENG]


The crocodile appeared on Earth eighty million years ago. They lived alongside and hunted the big dinosaurs. They are the last survivors of the Archosaurs, which means "dominant reptiles," a group that also included the dinosaurs and pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs), among others. What allowed them to outlast all their contemporaries and survive to our day?

The Last Ocean -...
(Media / The Last Ocean - Official Trailer)

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the world's most untouched and intact marine ecosystem. Scientists

Death of Coral Reefs
(Media / Death of Coral Reefs)

A short video made to promote Coral Reef awareness Not-Interesting Facts: -80% of the picture

World Food Day...
(Media / World Food Day 2012 video feature: Agricultural Cooperatives -- Key to Feeding the World)

For people working in all areas of agriculture, all over the world, cooperatives and


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