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Shut up and eat your clones


With the casual admission that meat from cloned animals have entered the Canadian food supply despite a Health Canada ban, we are once again faced with a choice: Will we stand up and demand that this food is clearly labeled or will we allow it to be quietly slipped into the food chain in the same way GMO food was in the 1990s? Once again, a potentially dangerous new biotechnology is threatening us where we are most vulnerable: our dinner plate. For more information about the dangers of GMO food, please listen to Episode 025 of The Corbett Report podcast: Shut up and eat your GMOs For more information about Codex Alimentarius, please listen to Episode 059 of The Corbett Report podcast: Codex Alimentarius

(Media / Coastal pollution fears after Nigeria oil spill) Those living along Nigeria's coastline said on Monday that officials

Organic Food...
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China's organic food movement is growing steadily amidst recurring health scares and a desire

(Media / "Sunshade" Climate Change 5 Billion a Year)

Planes or airships could carry sun-dimming materials high into the atmosphere for an


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