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Panda Bears - Is it any wonder the world has fallen in love with these amazing animals?

Our friends, the Pandas

The giant panda is considered to be China's national treasure and has become a symbol of conservation. Unfortunately, it has also become an endangered species and is severely threatened due to habitat loss and poaching.The people of China have been cutting down bamboo forests for houses and farming. When bamboo becomes scarce, pandas have nowhere to go for a new supply and their habitat becomes too small for them to survive.

In order to save the giant panda, millions of dollars are needed to establish wildlife reserves, relocate people currently living within the reserves, educate the public about wildlife conservation, stop poachers, and plant bamboo.

Fortunately, a lot of people around the world like pandas and are concerned about their future. Educating people world-wide about the giant panda's possible extinction has begun to pay off and many realize that one of their favorite zoo animals may not be here for their grandchildren to enjoy unless they do something.










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