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Albert Beger Earth Day giveaway

Earth Day 2011 is an important day. It's a reminder to ourselves to keep a close watch on nature, ecology and ourselves as visitors on this planet earth.

In honor of this day, I'm giving away my 2008 album Big Mother for a free download (click here), and I hope this album will touch you and move you. Big Mother is a cry for help and a celebration of love of this planet. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Save the earth, remember you're only a guest here on this planet.

In honor of the upcoming 2011 Earth Day (April 22nd) I’m addressing you on a crucial issue, that is very close to my heart – the environment.

All my life, I’ve been watching mankind abuse and destroy our one big home, be it out of indifference, or for money, or for the sake of comfort – for whatever reason, mankind is ruining the most valuable resource of them all, planet earth. We may be fooled to believe that our day to day environmental crimes will make no difference on our lives and that the permanent damage will take place only years from now, that even our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be ‘saved’. But that’s simply a lie.

Aside from our mutual responsibility to keep this great gift together, it is relevant to our lives nowadays more than ever. Global warming, rain forests, the ozone layer – all these terms we’re so familiar with, are so crucial to our lives, that if we won’t implement the necessary actions right now - we’ll witness catastrophes in the upcoming years.

For many years I've been living my life with a great concern to the subject. I raised my children on the values of saving the environment, and we often walk on the beach, collecting leftovers that were thrown by visitors. Also, two years ago I arranged a big civil rebellion against a gas refinery that was due to be built in front of my house on Dor beach.

In 2008, I’ve released Big Mother, an album created out of great pain. Big Mother is a cry for help,  to raise awareness, to wake up, and today, in honor of Earth Day 2011, I'm giving it away for free, as you'll see in the video below. Music is the best way I can convey a message. I could go on and on about the importance of the subject, but no words I’ll write, could replace the essence of the message I’m trying to make about this subject, and therefore I believe that giving my album for free could do a much better and accurate job. I truly hope this record will touch you, move you and will bring you to action.

Donate to one of the green organization, be it your time or money, teach your children and friends to keep in mind this very basic concept - and just be aware. Please help me spread the message and share this page with your friends and families and I sincerely hope that with every year that goes by from one Earth Day to another Earth Day – we’ll see a constant improvement and reach our goal of saving the planet.

God bless you all
Albert Beger




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