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The turtle journal (Day 1)

Today we begin a journey. Two inexperienced (in film) sisters sit in a quiet bedroom in the early evening, thinking. We discuss camera angles, locations for filming, possible interviews, questions that need to be asked, ideas that need to be emphasized and knowledge that we wish to share. Not quite  sure how accomplish any of the things we are discussing, we begin.

This all started a few nights ago while sister R was checking an e-mail she had received from sister G earlier during that day. Not really reading it, she answered enthusiastically with a "YES!". The e-mail contained a flyer for a documentary film competition. The point is, one thing led to another and here we are. Laughing at the job we are pretending to do some minutes and actually doing it the next few minutes. We are experimenting with the cameras features and thinking of a storyboard, we are also eating pudding as we think because it helps.

What this film might become? who knows. what will it mean? nobody can be sure. But if only one person watches our turtle documentary and is moved to get involved in the issue and helps make the world a better place then our goals as a newly created film group will have been accomplished. so get ready, it's time for ACTION!

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