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The Wild Dolphin Project

Now that The Cove - the documentary about dolphin slaughtering in Japan - has officially rolled out to most U.S. cities, people's awareness about dolphins' precarious position on this planet has risen to new levels.

Films like this are incredible in that they can literally shock viewers into action - and it has certainly worked. As one reviewer wrote, "Rarely does an investigative documentary have such immediate impact that it results in observable change," referring to the claim that the movie is responsible for mercury-tainted dolphin flesh being taken out of school lunch menus in Japan.

What we like most about The Cove, though, is that it turned people's minds and hearts back to the dolphins - a species that has enchanted us for years. There are so many fascinating things about these highly social and intelligent creatures, from the unique way they communicate to their ability to form friendships for life.

So I wanted to share with you some of the things we learned from a trip to the Bahamas to visit the Wild Dolphin Project, a group of researchers that are helping us to better understand dolphins by studying them in their own habitat, using non-invasive techniques. Enjoy the short film -- we hope you learn something new about these amazing animals.

by Charles Annenberg Weingarten August 24, 2009




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