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Election 2012

Dear Earth Protectors, We realize you have many choices on who or what to vote for this election. We would like to tell you we have all the answers. The most important thing for you to do is VOTE for the environment first. We have been fielding blogs and news from around the county on the Hurricane, Climate Change and how to vote for the right candidate and how to vote to protect the earth. Here's some guidance and some blogs to help you find your way. To find out where to vote and get information on where you live and the issues on the ballot please visit


In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is election day in the U. S of A – and we’re super excited for the possibilities that this hotly contested presidential election brings. If you are anything like most Americans, you’ve probably been following this election in the news, online, and on SNL, and you probably realize the monumental changes this election could bring to US politics. Now, more than any other time, it is crucial that you exercise your right as a citizen to have a say in our democracy – so go vote right now!
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Should The Environment Be Voted For?

by Yvon Chouinard

My friend Tom Brokaw recently wrote an op-ed about an issue gone missing in this election -- the war, the two wars, we’ve been involved in for the past decade, that so far have taken 5,000 American lives and a trillion dollars out of the treasury. Tom’s call for voters to take a more sober look before casting ballots on Tuesday inspires me to call attention to another issue that goes unheralded in this election, and every election in recent memory.

The health of our environment never makes it to the top list of voter concerns. But it has everything to do with all the major issues our elected officials face. Everything we make ultimately comes from the ground, or what’s beneath it, or from our common waters. Every job and every economy depends ultimately on the health of the natural world of which we’re a part.
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From The Video Archive


Get Out and Vote!

This year, it's more important than ever that every American makes his or her voice heard and gets out to vote. Our clean air and water, our energy future, our natural legacy, and the health of our families depend on it. Check out our online resources to find out where your polling place is and what your rights are, and what you need to vote. Then get out and vote!

Leaders Lead

Threat of climate change and the devastating impact it's having across the nation. It's time to act on climate change.

Al Gore's Power Vote Webcast

Al Gore speaks live to Power Vote organizers across the country about their important role in getting out the (power) vote on Nov 4th, and holding our elected officials accountable in the months ahead.


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