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Water, Water Everywhere - Not in 2012

Water, Water Everywhere - Not in 2012

Last year’s drought touched more than 80 percent of U.S. agricultural land.

While the drought was most likely initially set into motion by the cooler-than-average water temperatures of La Niña in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which influences weather patterns across the continent, some scientists suggest that the overall warmer climate created by man-made global warming may have amplified this already devastating drought, particularly by triggering more intense heat during the spring and summer of 2012.

Matt Damon Goes On Strike!

Matt Damon Goes on StrikeMatt Damon, co-founder of, is taking a stand for the water crisis.

Watch his announcement and support the strike by signing up to make your voice heard online through Water Day, March 22, 2013.

You can also learn more about Matt's campaign

Hopeless, NOT SO - Here is what can you do:
Support strong action at all levels of government, by companies and take action in your personal life to reduce discharging fossil fuels into the atmosphere to reduce your energy use.

Water Conservation – It Matters, Here’s Why

by Cindy Jennings
Search the web and you’ll find myriad ways to conserve water in your home. Articles, blogs and downloads are long on how and short on why it matters. It seems obvious. It IS obvious even if you only read the headlines about drought, fires and regional water scarcity. But the questions often asked just as often go unanswered. They center around the why and include questions like “If I conserve here how does it help someone in another country?”, or “If I conserve, it just gets used or overused downstream so my efforts didn’t actually make an impact.”

Learn more about our partner Water for People

Water for PeopleWater For People brings together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water systems. Empowering everyone transforms people¹s lives by improving health and economic productivity to end the cycle of poverty.



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