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World Whale Day - A Big Celebration

Whales Remind Us to Wonder and Protect

Humpback whales filmed up close

Underwater footage of a humpback whale fifteen miles off Bermuda. I had spent 300 hours over ten weeks trying to film the migrating humpbacks underwater.

Killing Whales is War Against Nature

Four Japanese whale-killing, factory ships armed with coast guards and grenade-tipped harpoons are within hours of entering a demilitarized zone and the international Great Southern Ocean Sanctuary. The bloody "War Against Nature" is set to rage.
In a world in which the environment is being marauded, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is standing up and upholding the law to protect the great whales in an international sanctuary. Enough blood has been shed; in the 20th century humans slaughtered 1.5 million whales.

Earth Protect Partner:

Orca Network

Dedicated to raising awareness about the whales of the Pacific NW and the importance of providing them healthy habitats. Programs: Whale Sighting Network, education programs, Marine Mammal Stranding Network, Free Lolita project.
Orca Network's Whale Sighting Network is a unique and effective way to increase knowledge about Northwest whales. Through the Sighting Network, reports of whales are gathered and emailed to network participants, and posted on our website. Participants on the network include researchers, government agencies, boaters, whale watchers, naturalists, environmental groups, students, media, elected officials, and concerned citizens.

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