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Electromagnetic Pollution - Is There Evidence We Are At Risk?

People may find their health disorders disappear when they are away from home or work. These disturbances may include headaches, insomnia, short-term memory loss, palpitations, skin disorders, and noises in the ears – which often worsen when normal background noise is low. We therefore need to be aware of the danger zones and lifestyle choices, which exist in the home, workplace, and outside environment.  A report in May 2002 New Scientist informed us of a development of a weapon using intense electromagnet fields producing effects  “ranging from disruption of short term memory to total loss of control of voluntary bodily functions”.  Some would say we already have that in the mobile phone! 


Scientists discovered that microwave radiations from mobile phone transmissions affect the brain in a process known as heat shock – an effect similar to heating the brain but with no actual rise in temperature. Heat shock causes the body to release proteins, which can damage or kill brain cells. Geneticist Dr David De Pomerai told how tests showed exposure for an hour from mobile phone radiation could double the heat shock proteins in cells. Dr Alan Preece of Bristol University revealed the same radiation caused vessels to dilate, thus creating a rush of blood to the head. Other studies found microwaves suppress the immune system, and also weaken the blood brain barrier which protects the brain against bloodstream infections.  You may be familiar with the term “the sick-building syndrome” where people are bombarded with either electromagnetic, chemical or other kinds of environmental pollution within the home, office or factory environment. Some may suffer headache, eyestrain, dry eyes, sore throats, tiredness aching limbs, and other flu-like symptoms. The results of electromagnetic pollution may also cause you to wake up feeling tired or fall asleep in front of the television. 




Lymphocytic leukaemia sufferers are often found to live close to power lines, underground mains cables and transformers, or spend long periods of time close to equipment that emits this kind of radiation.  Myeloid cancer cases appear to be clustered around radio and TV masts. Such findings suggest 50 Hz and the RF frequencies [mobile phone frequencies are within the RF range] may affect living systems differently.  The power levels from mobile phone signals are known to increase four to six fold after rain has fallen and during periods of low cloud. Over the past seven years some people who suffer tinnitus and live close to mobile phone masts have mentioned their condition is usually noticeably worse during such weather patterns of electromagnetic waves all in continuous motion.  During the day, most of us move around in and out of “hot spots” and we need to be aware of such areas, especially in places where we spend much time, such as in bed, sitting in our armchair and in the workplace.  Health risks also exist from the home-based digital cordless telephone. The base unit [transmitter and receiver], which cradles the handset, produces an electrical field, which is actually greater than that of a mobile phone. It radiates even when the phone is not being used. It is much like using a mobile phone non-stop.  Avoid placing these phones in bedrooms or close to where people sit.  Better still dump them along with baby alarms, which also emit dangerous electromagnet radiation.  As the very young are more vulnerable, cots and beds should always be placed well away from electrical wiring, appliances, and metal objects such as radiators which act as antennas for microwave radiation.  


Russia has wisely banned the use of cell-phones by youngsters aged less than 16 years. Peer-reviewed studies show microwaves have specific effects on brain cells and brain function leading to brain degenerative diseases, cancer and depleted immune systems. Symptoms include short-term memory loss, headaches, nosebleeds, hyperactivity and lack of concentration. Other high-risk devices emit microwave radiation. These include WiFi, WLAN, WIMAX, wireless interactive whiteboards, DECT [digital cordless phones] digital baby monitors, including burglar alarms using microwave detectors. Operating WLAN systems in schools is equivalent to having a mobile phone mast permanently emitting life-threatening pulsed microwaves within the classroom.    Tests carried out by the NRPB [National Radiological Protection Board] now called the HPA [Health Protection Agency] revealed that ultraviolet beams from projectors used with electronic whiteboards and employed in most schools, can damage the eyes. The viewer’s peripheral retina could be overexposed even when someone is not staring at the projector’s apparent light source. They can damage individuals’ retinas even if they look into the beam for around twenty seconds from a few yards away. 


Electrical fields from computers, televisions and other everyday equipment may make individuals more prone to asthma, influenza and other respiratory diseases, a new study suggests. The research, by scientists at Imperial College London, provides additional academic backing for the claims of campaigners that precautionary measures should be practised wherever possible against the thickening electro-smog we are exposed to from sources such as mobile phones and their masts, WiFi systems and household electrical devices. Suspicion that electrical fields cause respiratory illness dates back to the 1950s when it was found that placing asthmatics in areas with low electrical fields got rid of their symptoms. As the amount of electro-smog has multiplied many fold since then, science has increasingly indicated that it can cause a wide range of ailments, from respiratory diseases to difficulties in concentrating, from sleeplessness to cancer – a matter that campaigners are very keen to promote. 




Scientists have found that the electrical fields given off by a wide variety of household items, including computers, televisions, cookers, lamps, and even their wiring, can charge minuscule particles in the air such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and highly toxic pollutants. Because many of these are so tiny ­ less than 80 times the thickness of a human hair ­ they can often remain airborne almost indefinitely and so can be readily inhaled. If they carry increased electrical charge they are more likely to stick to the tissue of the lungs and respiratory tract, and human skin, thereby increased risk of infection and impact on the body. The higher the electrical field and particle charge, the greater the danger, as particles with greater charge can hit the tissue with greater speed. As they crash land, they become deformed, which makes them stick more firmly and harder to remove.  Electrostatic charges, such as those given off by clothing and sheets made of synthetic materials, add to the problem. The research also shows that high electrical fields greatly reduce concentrations of charged molecular oxygen, which is readily absorbed by the body, enhances biological functions and can kill harmful microbes. 


Tetra [Terrestrial Trunk Radio System] is a microwave frequency now used by our police force and other bodies throughout the UK.  The frequency of 17.6 Hz emits pulses occurring 17. 6 times per second matches our brain frequencies and it is believed that this can penetrate deep into the brain, damaging cell communication. 


 An article in the Daily Telegraph disclosed that six people including a police Chief Inspector, other officers and civilian workers at a police station in North Walsham, Norfolk, blamed their health problems on a TETRA communications system.  Chief Inspector Steve Strong and staff believe their bouts of dizziness and severe headaches began when a transmitter for a new TETRA network was installed. Around 25 other people living nearby also complained of similar symptoms and others of repeated nose-bleeds, especially among children, with disturbed sleep and skin problems also being noted. The officers who had been referred to the Force’s doctor were warned not to discuss this publicly. A source said they are forbidden to speak out. Users are trapped in a system where huge financial and political pressures demand that TETRA is a success at all costs. One month previously the family of a police motorcyclist, who died of cancer of the oesophagus, said he had complained of headaches when he began using his TETRA handset and he was convinced it was to blame for his condition. 


The government’s £2.9 billion TETRA system is to cover all 53 police forces in England, Scotland, and Wales. Hundreds of officers have said they believe their health is now suffering. Campaign groups fighting against installing the system’s 3,500 transmitters near their homes and schools throughout the UK are totally ignored by Government who continue to say there is no proven health risk. 


SCIENCE – Not only does the cell-phone industry control research by being a major fund contributor to the research, it has also made sure that its personnel are placed on safety standard committees and even into the World Health Organisation’s EMF study projects. The cell-phone industry also tries to control the science by controlling the interpretation of findings and how they are presented – [if ever] to the general public. Again, as far as controlling scientific and lay-peoples’ interpretations of cell-phone science, many cell-phone corporations have their own “team” which travels to all major meetings creating negative “spin” on presentations that point to harm or suggest caution. 




POLICY – The cell-phone industry controls the policy arm of cell-phone science by ensuring that all policy bodies, for example the WHO  [World Health Organisation] are led by, or have a majority of cell-phone personnel and consultants on their staffs. This is even true of scientific organisations. The Bioelectromagnetics Society [BEMS], which ought to be comprised of independent scientists, has a large contingent of its members who are cell-phone employees or paid consultants. Not only are the science labs, governmental offices and science interest groups associated with cell-phone science becoming operatives of the phone industry, but the media, both ‘in house’ and the public are now mainly controlled by the phone industry. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a way to disseminate impartial information and comments even though some of these may be of long-term benefit to the industry. 


In the UK the HPA is funded roughly half from the industries it represents and half from the Government. During a court case in 1998, Dr McKinley, a senior scientist with the National Radiological Protection Board explained that data on tissue conductivity was supplied to them by Microwave Consultants Ltd, which is on the payroll of a cell phone company.  It transpired that virtually none of the NRPB documents are peer reviewed and that Dr McKinley himself had not authored any experimental studies, and admitted he had no biological expertise.  


When it comes to asking about safety concerning TETRA or any other communication instrument, not one single independent person was able to give an answer. Every single spokesperson on safety issues is somehow a direct link going back to the communications industry. The communications industry and the Government fund the NRPB/HPA; so that every single person has a financial interest in recommending the product – even if it may prove to be unsafe.  The auction of 3G licences to the mobile phone industry brought in £22.5 billion plus an annual income of around £15 billion to the UK exchequer. No wonder that when commercial interests are at stake there seems to be outright denial of relevant scientific data. 


SAFETY LEVELS:  When someone asks about whether a certain level of electromagnetic pollution is safe they are usually quoted a UK safety limit laid down by the NRPB/HPA.  In fact evidence from members of many medical and scientific bodies show no one can be sure there is a safe level. Countless studies have clearly demonstrated that biological systems can be impaired by extremely low levels of radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is 3000 times higher than it was 10 years ago and these levels are set to increase as more people use this equipment. 

We are bombarded with an accumulation of radiation from satellites, power supplies, aviation radar, broadcast antennas, - in fact all electrical systems and equipment.  More people are becoming electro-sensitive and most will be unaware of what is really attacking their body.   Doctors are generally in the dark partly because they follow government guidelines and receive no training in this area.  There really is no cure apart from avoidance at the moment, though there is the opportunity to develop systems that can be of true benefit to us all in terms of health and performance if the electronics and telecommunications industries can be persuaded to listen. Study the information available. The time you spend doing so may be the wisest investment you will ever make.



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