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Top 10 Waste Management Ideas That Can Turn Trash into Cash

Are you looking for low-cost and lucrative small-business ideas? Starting a business in the waste management industry is a profitable opportunity that does not need any special skills. With increasing awareness to preserve the environment and protect it against global warming and hazardous wastes, this industry can make you massive money.

Here are 10 workable ways for budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their own waste management business:

1. Household Waste Collection

Collecting residential waste is really good idea to start with. All you need to do is invest in a waste disposal truck and know where to refuse all the waste. Promote this new business in your neighbourhood and would be surprised how quickly and easily this business can generate profits. Dispose the garbage in the local waste collection center or dump sites and charge people for disposing their waste. You can use trash bins, cans, and carts that are specifically designed for residential use to facilitate easy handling and transportation. 


2. Collection And Selling Industrial Waste 

This business involves the collection of waste generated in factories, manufacturing units, and commercial establishments and disposing it for them. You can sign up with any number of industries depending on your capacity and availability of trash bins. You can easily find superior-quality trash compactors, balers, and trash bins online to boost your waste management business. Purchase trash bins that come with lockable lids to collect recyclable waste and documents. A trash compactor will tremendously reduce the volume of waste and make loading and transportation easier for you. 


3. Recycling Waste 

This is a green way of generating money that involves a little upfront cost but reaps rich rewards in the long run. Invest in a recycling plant where you can collect recyclable materials in bulk and turn it into resourceful raw material that can be sold to factory owners and companies. Investing in a trash compactor is an easy way to recycle waste and prevent harm to the environment.


4. Collecting Commercial Waste  

As the name implies, this business focuses on collecting waste from business premises and commercial establishments instead of residential sites. 


5. Running A Waste Collection Center 

If you do not have adequate cash to invest in a garbage truck, you can set up a dumping site where people can dump their waste for a fee. You can rent a garbage truck for collection and transportation of waste. You can consider using a trash compactor for efficient waste disposal and easy recycling.


6. Construction of Public Toilets And Bathrooms

Constructing public toilets at the right place can help you make hundreds of dollars. When people experience a serious urge to relieve themselves in a public place, they will willingly part with their money. 


7. Constructing Mobile Toilets 

Constructing mobile toilets in places like camping grounds and party venues is a smart business idea. You can also sell and rent mobile toilets. 


8. Scrap Metal Recycling Depot

Metals can be recycled into automotive parts, roofing sheets, cans, and building materials. This approach is less expensive and eco-friendly. Using a trash compactor will eliminate the need for you to appoint haulers.


9. Electronic Waste Recycling 

Electronic waste includes television sets, computers, home appliances, and discarded phones. You can sell these items to the manufacturer or to a spare parts dealer who would resell the useful parts of the equipment. 


10. Rubber Recycling Business 

Rubber can be easily melted and recycled into a product. You can collect discarded rubber items like shoes, slippers, cans, buckets, and other rubber products that are rendered useless. Tire manufacturing companies will buy this rubber waste from you. 


A massive quantity of environmental waste is being produced on a daily basis from industries, hospitals, homes, hotels, and commercial enterprises which leads to environmental degradation and takes thousands of years to decompose. Capitalize on this pressing issue and turn it into a rewarding trade. A few people take up this business and hence it has little competition and lots of money.









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