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The Fight for Clean Air

In August, London's Mayor, Sadig Khan, dubbed Oxford Street "the most polluted street in the  world" in terms of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant that is invisible to the eye but contributes to health issues like asthma, lung disease and even death. 

World Health Organization, WHO, estimates that 9 out of 10 people live in areas with excessive air pollution. Not just in suspected areas like New Delhi and Beijing but Paris, New York, London. Human health suffers through cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, disrupted pregnancies, brain damage. 

Solutions include car free areas, no drive days, reduction of coal as fuel source, diesel powered cars, emissions tests, electric buses and other clean fueled mass transit. 

Everyone can participate in addressing this wide spread health concern by supporting laws, policies, rules and regulations to reduce air pollution and by buying and using clean transportation and clean energy produced products. 






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