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Many Voices RISE UP For Climate Action

By now we all know that Trump intends to disengage from the UN Climate Accord, joining only 2 countries in the world, Syria and Nicaragua. After the stomach drop and the depression, comes the realization that strong and diverse leadership is emerging and its a good thing too as we cannot afford to slow down in reducing the green house gases contributing to climate change. In fact, we have to speed up. 

So here is my take on how we cope with this misguided and ill informed action by Trump, we buck up and buckle down starting with ourselves. There is much we can do in how we live. Lower temperatures on air conditioning, turn down the heat, buy sustainably made products including lighting, cars, appliances, clothing, drive less, use public transport AND support public policy and elected officials that are enlightened and committed to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in their communities. 

California, the nation’s leader in emissions reduction, has already joined with New York and Washington state to build an alliance of states that will guide the nation to Paris compliance in the absence of leadership from the federal government.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is leading cities in a parallel effort that already enlisted 150 members.

Bloomberg, a billionaire philanthropist, has already pledged to cover the $15 million the U.S. is reneging on by personally paying into the operations fund of the U.N. agency overseeing the Paris accord.

In recent months, hundreds of companies have lobbied the Trump administration to remain in the agreement. Apple, Starbucks, Gap, Nike, Adidas, L'Oreal and Monsanto all voiced their support for the Paris deal.

Earth Protect collaborates with many NGO's which are doubling down on their fight against climate change. Some of them are: 

Environmental Defense Fund, Global Catholic Climate Movement, People's Climate March, AU Youth Climate Coalition, The Nature Conservancy

Earth Protect is standing up to do its part using its web site and other social media to help many NGO's get the messages out and engage more people. We need your support, go to


Thanks and keep on fighting, Earth Protect 




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