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Separate the trash and get it right

With the approval of the National Plan on Solid Waste (PNRS) in 2010, Brazil expects municipalities to raise awareness about the importance of separating trash at home. The National Plan on Solid Waste requires municipalities to take measures to ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of waste by 2014.

For the waste policy to be taken up as quickly as possible by the Brazilian population, the Federal Government, through the ministries of Environment and Social Development and Hunger, launched the "Take the trash and hit the tin".

The campaign's goal is to prepare the Brazilian society for a change public attitudes towards waste collection, emphasizing the benefits of environmental, social and economic reuse of solid waste, as well as:

  • Emphasizing the social and environmental value of recycling.
  • Teaching the correct separation of wet and dry garbage
  • Demonstrating the negative impact of waste on the environment
  • Encouraging the practice of conscious consumption and reducing the volume of waste
  • Spreading the solutions proposed by the National Solid Waste (PNRS) 



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