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call WH 202-456-1111 oppose Endangered Act changes

Rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act go into effect today. Can you take a moment to make a call?

When you call, you don't need to say a lot. Again, the number is 202-456-1111. Here is a sample script:

I am calling from NAME YOUR STATE HERE and I want President Trump to know that I do not support his administration's regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act. This law is one of our most successful conservation tools and has helped keep some of our most iconic species from vanishing into extinction. 

These changes will substitute politics for science and will make protecting imperiled species much more difficult.

I am asking that the White House rescind these changes and direct the federal agencies to carry out the Endangered Species Act as it is written, without revisions.

Thank you for your time. After you have called, please click here to let us know!

Thank you for standing up for the Endangered Species Act.

Mitch Merry Digital Director

Endangered Species Coalition




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