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A new book “Blowout” ties this all together, corruption of democracy, rogue state Russia and the richest most destructive industry on earth, laid out for all to see. Our environments, health and the fate of our world depend upon we the people to demand full public disclosures of fossil fuel companies in coal, oil and gas to disclose all their payments to governments and government actors. 

 Further, they must pay for what they are doing in causing the climate crisis threatening all life on earth. We subsidize this industry’s oil and gas drilling, absurd! Further, they are getting a huge in-kind donation as they drill on Federal land. 

 Coal is dead, oil and gas are too even though they  may not seem sick yet. 

 Its the time now to move to new sources of energy from clean renewable sources, transition to new industries and the jobs that will come with them, clean up the mess left behind and protect and preserve our democracies from influence from the oil and gas industry and rogue states anti-democracy fueled by Russia. 

 We the people are the answer, activism with focused persistent demands for transparency, containment and rapid transition to a sustainable future is needed and NOW. 

 *“Blowout” is widely available in libraries and through online and in story book stores, Blowout

by Rachel Maddow, Crown Publishing, NY 2019 blog by Carol  Barbeito, Ph.D., President and Managing Director, Earth Protect, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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