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Remember Earth Day at home


April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. But there will be no large gatherings across the nation as there were last year and years before that. Though some environmental leaders think a sea change at corporate and political levels is required to curb climate change, they also believe small, individual steps are crucial. But we can Remember Earth Day at home! We can care for ours and our neighbors’ health, as well as that of the planet at the same time as we recognize this milestone event. Here are some suggestions: 

*Find uses for kitchen scraps to keep them out of the garbage. For example, sprinkling coffee grounds around outdoor plants adds nutrients, and might even keep slugs and other pests away. Eggshells also can be crushed and used in soil for nutrients. Never use meat or meat byproducts in your yard for any type of composting. To learn more about creating a simple compost pile and what to do with kitchen scraps, visit: 

*Join a chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. This group teaches skills on working with leaders and elected officials, and provides information on climate change issues. Visit:  

* Participate in One Earth Film Fest’s Earth Week Virtual Mini Film Festival. Environment-related films for all ages are being shown free online, and viewers will have the chance to discuss action opportunities with experts via live chat on Zoom. For more information, visit:

*Participate in digital Earth Day. The Earth Day Network is creating a global digital event on April 22. Visit to learn, read and join in online events.






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