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Going Bottleless at the Office: Water Cooler Alternatives to Save Costs and the Environment

5 gallon water coolers are often thought of as the alternative to having a water bottle at the office or your home. Rarely do we think about the fact that those water bottles end up in the landfill eventually as well. This article represent a geat alternative to all water bottles!

Gathering around the water cooler has been a time-honored office tradition, but bottled water can be costly for your business, and can have a negative environmental impact! Those 5-gallon plastic jugs eventually end up in landfills, and bottled water services have a high carbon footprint due to the emission of fossil fuel-burning delivery trucks.

When you also consider the inconvenience of lifting new bottles onto the water cooler, storing the empty bottles at your office until the next pick-up, and spending time in the reordering process, you may be ready to consider more sustainable, convenient, and inexpensive alternatives that still provide your staff with clean, safe water: bottleless water coolers.

Bottleless coolers draw directly from your tap water supply and utilize state-of-the-art technologies, such as ultraviolet (UV) sanitation, 5-stage water filtration, and reverse osmosis filtration, to offer you the cleanest, best-tasting water available. With no bottles involved, the expense and logistics of supply and delivery are eliminated, reducing your office overhead costs while also giving your business a smaller environmental footprint. A bottleless water cooler never runs out of water, giving you a convenient, less-expensive, more eco-friendly solution without eliminating the benefit of filtered water for your employees.

As one example of a bottleless water cooler provider, Quench is one the largest UV filtration companies in the US, supplying bottleless water coolers to more than 25,000 businesses (including more than a third of the Fortune 100). Offering a variety of cooler types, filtration options, and service plans, this can definitely be a service to look into for any business interested in going green and saving green!


Posted on 11/04/11 by National Green Pages





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