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A NEW Earthprotect

I'm very pleased to present the new Earth Protect:

After an extended period of deliberation, design, and development, the NEW Earth Protect website is finally ready, completing the shift from our old web site and design to a state of the art web site. The new site will be a tremendous resource for anyone interested in sharing information and becoming part of a community that is dedicated to protecting our planet’s natural resources.

In the wake of the horrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the mission of Earth Protect and why it was started became clearer than ever. We need one place where the world can share their voice on what to protect and how to protect it.

Please come TAKE A LOOK and JOIN... and definitely let us know what you think.

Share your videos, blog articles, pictures and  start a group. All are critical to building this community, which is dedicated to raising awareness and helping people take effective actions leading to a sustainable future.

Please invite your friends to Join, to help build this dynamic community of people concerned with the world environment.

Thank you for your time.

Grant Barbeito
Vice President, Founder

Welcome to the NEW Earth Protect
At EARTHPROTECT.COM, you’ll find:

    The entire EARTH PROTECT archive—hundreds of blog articles that have appeared in the past two years.
    Stronger integration of Non-Profits and Donation Tools to help you help them raise money and increase their mission impact.
    New videos every day, including our latest collection of videos about the Oil Spill tragedy in the Gulf. It is also easier for you to LINK or Upload your videos with a few simple clicks.
    Our new Store is filling up fast with the latest books and products from green vendors along with the green businesses sponsoring or advertising on Earth Protect. We make it easy for you to use your buying power in support of environmentally friendly products and services.
    A new ACTION WINDOW on our home page brings you important news and messages.
    AND our most exciting new feature is our Community section where you can start a group, join one and connect with people who have the same interests as you.




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