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Tell your senators to pass energy legislation that will prevent future oil spills

National Resources Defense Council

The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental disaster that also threatens profound social and economic damage. NRDC has sent a team of experts to the gulf to document the environmental and health impacts of the spill and to advocate for every possible action to limit the damage to public health, marine life and coastal ecosystems.

But we must also reduce the potential for such accidents to occur in the future. The only way to truly minimize the risks of major oil spills is to minimize our reliance on oil. Strong and effective comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that requires oil companies to cut their pollution each year would transform our energy system, reducing the risks of oil spills and global warming.

The disaster in the gulf makes doubly clear that the status quo is simply irresponsible. Not only would passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation put our nation on a path to a clean energy future, it is just what America needs to help grow our economy and spur innovation so we win the global clean energy race. American taxpayers don't need status quo energy policies that send billions overseas to hostile governments; we need clean energy and climate legislation that makes our nation more secure while creating good-paying jobs here at home.

What to do:
Send a message urging your senators to support and pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that cuts our dependence on oil, puts a firm limit on global warming pollution and ensures this type of accident doesn't happen again.

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