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Posted by on in Earth Violators
Sunday Denver Post, by Mark Jaffe A host of chemical emissions seep are seeping from oil and gas drilling pads with different ones coming from different places in the operation – from the wellhead to tanks to valves, according to a new study. “The hope is that this helps us understand wh...
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Posted by on in Agriculture
The so-called "Green Revolution" that William Gaud, Former Director of the US Agency for International Development, was so strongly advocating, includes the extensive use of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, large-scale irrigation, increased used of fossil-fuels and mono- ...
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Posted by on in Food
The long-term effects of synthetic chemicals used in packaging, food storage and processing food could be damaging our health, scientists have warned. Jo Adetunji reports. We actually know very little about how chemicals affect bodily functions or promote disease, or at what life stage we are s...
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Posted by on in Human Health
New research suggests that high levels of BPA, a chemical in many plastics and canned food linings, might raise the risk of miscarriage in women prone to that problem or having trouble getting pregnant. The work is not nearly enough to prove a link, but it adds to "the biological plausibility" that...
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Posted by on in Beauty and Fashion
Organic products are becoming more and more popular. It may have started with organic foods, but the all natural life style is also beginning to become a big part of other areas of our lives. The idea that what we expose our bodies to can have either a positive or negative effect on us has led peopl...
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