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Posted by on in Green Products/Services
By Bruce Finley The Denver Post A decade ago when electric vehicles first appeared on Colorado car lots, buyers typically were green, the environmentalist hue, motivated to save children and other living things. Auto dealer Sean Tynan recalled a couple in their 50s, professors, inspecting a Nissa...
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Posted by on in Green Products/Services
Shared from the 1/24/2020 The Denver Post eEdition  By Judith Kohler
The Denver Post Electric vehicles are becoming more economically competitive with their gas-fueled counterparts and people are feeling less “range anxiety” about how far they can get on a charge, according to new researc...
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Though the 10 states taking part in CARB’s zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) program are mostly in the Northeast, the region is far from the best when it comes to getting electric cars on the road. A lack of purchase incentives, inadequate charging infrastructure, and limited EV&...
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Posted by on in Transportation
The promise of an affordable electric car from Tesla Motors had hundreds of people lining up to reserve one. Tesla planned to unveil its Model 3 Thursday night at its Los Angeles design studio. It doesn’t go on sale until late 2017, but potential buyers could reserve one with a $1,000 deposit at Te...
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Posted by on in Clean Technology
Earlier this week, during a disappointing Tesla earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned in passing that he’d be producing a stationary battery for powering the home in the next few months. It sounded like a throwaway side project from someone who’s never seen a side project he doesn’t like. But...
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Posted by on in Clean Technology
A team of UNSW students has broken a 26-year-old world speed record*, potentially establishing their Sunswift car as the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 kilometers, on a single battery charge.   The world record was broken this afternoon by the team at a racetrack in...
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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson, would like to see the federal gasoline tax boosted by as much as $1 per gallon in order to encourage drivers to choose more fuel efficient vehicles. If you are a politician in office today, it’s of course anathema to talk about raising fuel taxes – unless of course y...
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