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Posted by on in Animals
Three year study of historic leopard range in Africa, Asia and Middle East documents loss of 75% of their range. Source scientific journal PeerJ. Leopards have almost disappeared from vast areas of China, Southeast Asia and Arabian peninsula,  while African leopards are facing challenges in th...
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Posted by on in Air Quality
Catching a snowflake on your tongue just isn’t as fun when mercury-tainted precipitation enters the equation. In central areas of North America, mercury levels in rain appear to be rising, according to a recent study from The Science of the Total Environment, despite the fact that me...
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Posted by on in Fishing
Shark fins worth up to $1.5m discovered after raids on nine properties in the port city of Manta Hundreds of shark fins seized by the police in Manta, Ecuador. Photograph: Ecuador's Attorney General/AP Police in the Ecuadorian port city of Manta say they have seized about 200,000 shark fins dest...
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Posted by on in General Environment
11. An albatross died because of eating plastic in the ocean 12. The serious haze in Hong Kong forces people to take picture with another picture. 13. People sail on the Chao Lake, which was filled with alga, in Hefei, China. 14. The serious air pollution in Beijing. People have to wear mas...
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Posted by on in Lakes/Rivers/Wetlands
While the earth is blessed with 11 quintillion gallons of fresh water, waste and inefficient distribution systems have turned this theoretically inexhaustible resource into a key commodity for long-term investors, nations and non- government groups to fight over. The investment opportunity is vast,...
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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
Coal mining companies in Australia have been enjoying the good life in recent years, making millions of dollars from feeding the seemingly insatiable energy appetites of Asia's tiger economies - particularly that of China. But a new report by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (...
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Posted by on in Wildlife Conservation
Anything that can be traded—legally or illegally—usually will be traded. That goes for the tusks, fins and other animals parts—and the endangered species that are attached to them. It hasn’t gotten the coverage that the issue deserves, but we’re currently in the middle of a poaching catast...
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Posted by on in Sustainable Development
The situation at the damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima is dire. Two days ago, three workers were exposed to water containing radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level in the basement of Reactor No. 3.  This reactor is especially dangerous because it contains MOX fuel, a mixture of...
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