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Posted by on in General Environment
What were you doing when you were nine years old? Where would you be in 2100? In 2007, Felix Finkbeiner, a 9-year-old primary four student in Germany, had to do a project on climate change. He eventually found the inspiration to launch a global movement called Plant for the Planet. Its initial targ...
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Posted by on in Animals
HONG KONG'S HARBOR is a slate-grey stretch of water ringed by skyscrapers and teeming with boats, ferries, million-dollar cruisers and traditional Chinese junks. Beneath the waves, amongst the fish who daily dodge the fishermen's net, lives an astonishing creature. The local pink dolphin is bright...
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Posted by on in Ecotourism
The rapid urbanization of China is arguably the most environmentally significant human project on the planet. As China continues to grow, green buildings—indeed, a cross section of green buildings—is key to its continued future and in line with the country’s larger goals of a greener, healthier Chin...
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Posted by on in Air Quality
Air pollution affects millions of people, not just in China and Hong Kong but in big cities all over the world. It’s important to educate yourself about the causes and impacts of air pollution, as well as the air quality in your neighborhood, so as to better protect yourself and your family. You ca...
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Posted by on in Wildlife Conservation
It is difficult not to be amazed by the diversity of life forms when you venture into a tropical rainforest or dive into a coral reef. Locally, a trip to a mudflat, such as at Lung Mei at low spring tide, or to the Deep Bay wetlands in winter equally yields wonders. Some 1.2 million species have be...
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Posted by on in Human Health
Following is the translation of the opening remarks by the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, at the press conference today (January 18) on policy initiatives of the Environment Bureau in the 2013 Policy Address:In the Chief Executive's 2013 Policy Address, there are four major policy ...
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