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Posted by on in Clean Water
By Elena Shao The New York Times Virginia doesn’t have a megadrought like some parts of the United States, but it has water problems all the same: Homes and businesses in the Hampton Roads region, in the southeastern corner of the state, are drawing groundwater out faster than it can be replenishe...
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Posted by on in Sustainable Development
Japan on Monday started work on an underground ice wall at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, freezing the soil under broken reactors to slow the build-up of radioactive water, officials said. The wall is intended to block groundwater from nearby hillsides that has been flowing under the plant a...
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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
The U.S. Geological Survey says the number of earthquakes in Oklahoma has gone up dramatically in recent months and that the surge in seismic activity has increased the danger of a damaging quake in the central part of the state. The USGS and Oklahoma Geological Survey issued a joint statement...
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Posted by on in Water Conservation
When it comes to our water footprint, the majority of us think that it’s just made up of the water that we drink and use to wash with, when actually this far from the case – only making up roughly 5% of our overall consumption. It may sound surprising but the other 95% of our water footprint, is ind...
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