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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
When the U.S. Navy sailed an imposing fleet near Hawaii that was powered in part by algae and used cooking grease, environmentalists weren't the only ones who were thrilled. Executives at bioenergy startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and elsewhere — and the venture capitalis...
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Posted by on in Biofuels
This photo shows oil being squeezed from the algae species, Botryococcus Braunii. B. Braunii is known for its production of oil, which converts relatively easily into gasoline and diesel. Credit: Arum Han/Texas A&M University (—Though biofuels from algae hold great promise, Cornell res...
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Posted by on in Biofuels
From using vegetable oil and animal fats to trees and grasses as new sources of energy, biofuels are continuing to gain attention due to current oil prices and concern for energy security. As energy is produced from carbon fixation in these biofuels, scientists are experimenting with other types of ...
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