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Invitation to Partnership with Earth Protect, Inc.

Earth Protect invites nonprofit organizations and government units with environmental and sustainable development missions to contact us about becoming a partner with Earth Protect. We use the Earth Charter definition of sustainability, recognizing that peace, social justice and relief from extreme poverty are necessary to preservation and restoration of our earth’s environment.

We seek partners so together we can work to create a sustainable future for life on earth. To become a partner nonprofits must have nonprofit status in accordance with the country in which they are legally organized, in the US they must have IRS 501C3 status. Government units can become partners if they are dedicated to environmental or sustainable development missions. Clubs and other less formal groups are welcome to establish a group, just join and then set up your group.

Earth Project is a social networking video site with an extensive video library, hundreds of blog articles, user formed groups, donations to participating partners and more. We have exponential growth in users from >182 countries and with 61 nonprofit partners at the end of 2012. Our mission is to raise awareness among people worldwide of the need to live sustainably and to connect them to information leading to effective action.

Earth Protect’s network of participating nonprofit environmental organizations, which we hope the nonprofit you represent will join, will receive the following benefits at no cost:
•    Increased local to global visibility
•    Donations from site users to your organization
•    Engagement of people in your cause
•    An outlet for your videos, blog articles, polls, surveys, research reports, campaigns
•    Ability to form groups that are either open to the public or by invitation only
•    Expanded connections with others who are working on related issues
•    Access to new audiences through the site, our newsletter, social network outreach and press releases

Our users are people interested in the environment, students, environmental organizations, governments, green businesses and the general public. We are connected to Facebook.

We have made it easy for you to become a partner. Just complete the information on the partnership submission form. I will contact you after reviewing your information. Once your organization is accepted, the next steps are for you to set up your campaign(s) in donations if you wish to offer site visitors a chance to donate to you. You can look over the donations section of the site and see the terms and conditions.

As we all win if we engage more people in our causes, Earth Protect asks our partners to put a link to us on your site and to inform your constituents of our partnership, encouraging them to become part of this global community. We will supply news from time to time which we ask be included in your ongoing communications with your constituents. We seek a long and meaningful partnership.

Carol Barbeito, Ph.D., President and Managing Director
Earth Protect, Inc.  
303 688 6510


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