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2010 Bear Affair Event at the Wooldland Park Zoo in Seattle - Backyard Setup


The video was recorded at the June 5, 2010 Bear Affair Event at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. The event was organized by the Woodland Park Zoo and the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project (GBOP). Bear Affair is a popular event every year at the zoo and this year was no exception. Julie Hopkins, GBOP Field Representative, narrated the event to teach visitors about camping and living safely in bear country.

Video created by: Bent Wiencke

Scary global...
(Media / Scary global warming propaganda video shown at the Copenhagen Climate Meeting - 7 Dec. 2009)

Attendees at

Smokey The Bear...
(Media / Smokey The Bear Song - 1952)

Eddy Arnold sings "Smokey the Bear" for an old public service announcement. Purists will tell

Smokey The Bear...
(Media / Smokey The Bear PSA's - 1970's)

Only YOU can prevent forest fires. listen to Smokey the bear. This is a 1970 version. Share


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