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Engineering Sustainability Across Generations


Follow the lives of two youngsters as they embark on a journey to transform the world around them through sustainable engineering. Inspired by their grandfather's tales of his life as an engineer and later by their involvement in Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), the once youngsters grow into young adults poised to make the world a more sustainable place for their own grandchildren. From the school science fair, their on-campus leadership as college students, and through their fulfilling careers as design engineers, see how sustainability and ESW play a central role in advancing engineering for the betterment of society.

Food Population...
(Media / Food Population and Security - Water Climate and Society: Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World)


The Green Side of...
(Media / The Green Side of Business - Dodo Case)

As the winner of the Green Side of Business program, presented by GOOD and UPS, San

Siemens 2011...
(Media / Siemens 2011 Sustainability Award)

The City of Greensburg received trees as a prize for the Siemens 2011 Sustainability Award

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