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New Partnership With KIDS OCEAN DAY

DENVER (September 17, 2013) — Earth Protect, the video focused website and full-service production company focused on sustainability and environmental issues, has partnered with Kids Ocean Day, a nonprofit youth program that engages and motivates kids into cleaning the beaches and oceans.

Earth Protect moves people “from image to action,” telling stories of people and companies protecting the earth through its video focused website and its full-service video production and sustainability services division, Earth Protect Productions. By creating this partnership, Earth Protect will enable Kids Ocean Day to spread their mission and program initiatives to a worldwide audience. Through partnering with Earth Protect, Kids Ocean Day will increase their mission’s impact and engage more people in support of a sustainable future.

Kids Ocean Day is a project of The Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization, specializing in school outreach and coastal quality issues. It offers a comprehensive, multi-tiered program that incorporates a complete watershed approach through education and consists of school assemblies, lesson plans, beach cleanups and an aerial art project.

The Kids Ocean Day adopt-a-beach school assembly program has been presented more than 4,300 times to more than 670,000 California school children since October 1991. About 122,000 kids have participated in the last 20 annual Kids Ocean Day adopt-a-beach cleanups. 

The annual cleanup field trip allows kids to experience firsthand the effect they have on beaches and oceans, which helps build their appreciation of these vital resources. One of the basic concepts of Environmental Education is to get the children outside and in touch with nature. This experience gets children’s feet and hands in the sand, making a clear connection between the concept of environmental protection taught in the classroom and the real-life situations seen on the beach. 

The school assembly program incorporates one of the most important issues of our community: storm water run-off and the effect on water quality and marine life. This issue is a central one to the storm drain-stenciling program that The City of Los Angeles and Heal the Bay have developed.

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