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Social Networking Video Site for the Planet


Featuring Thousands of Environmental Videos to Impact Sustainable Change

Colorado, United States,
April 02, 2009—Curious about what is happening to our oceans and marine ecosystems?  Are you interested in learning about air quality, fossil fuels and wildlife habitats? Do you wonder what happens to all those recycled cell phones and batteries?  These questions and many more environmental topics are addressed on the new social networking video site, is a worldwide environmental hub that brings like-minded people together, connecting them to experts and global resources in order to raise awareness and promote action to sustain our world.  Featuring thousands of videos and films, covers all aspects of our Earth organized in 13 environmental categories to help easily access targeted information. Plus, through the site’s user-friendly interconnected features, users can easily join forums, blog, use the online “green” business directory and get involved with over 24 nonprofit partners to further their knowledge and impact sustainable change.

“Earth Protect is a wonderful resource that combines the knowledge of the worldwide Web into one comprehensive site on a wide range of environmental issues,” said Grant Barbeito, vice president and creative director, Earth Protect.  “We encourage viewers to upload, share and link their environmental videos, as well as to tap into our resources and each other so that they are inspired and take informed action for sustainable change.”

Spanning more than 150 countries and comprising of thousands of users, is a site for the planet where those seeking sustainable change, can link, learn and be entertained through the universal language of film.  Users say, “We are going to set an example through Earth Protect’s help in connecting to other groups around the world” and “I enjoy sharing the videos with my friends” as well as “They are our windows to the world.”

Throughout the year Earth Protect’s users will grow and deepen and enrich environmental content via writing and video contests, webinars, conferences, featured bloggers and film festivals. leads to a sustainable future for us and for all life on Earth.

Fast Facts
* is social networking for the planet, a worldwide environmental hub that brings like-minded people together, connecting them to experts and global resources in order to raise awareness and actions leading to sustainability for our world.
* Focusing on visitor uploaded and linked videos and films, uses the universal language of film/video to educate and entertain users about the environment and sustainable change.
* features thousands of videos and films that cover all aspects of our Earth organized in 13 environmental categories to help easily access targeted information.
* has user-friendly, interconnected features in forums, blogs, videos and nonprofits.
* Green businesses are sponsors, display banner ads or are listed in the business directory to help users find and buy environmentally friendly products and services.
* An eco-friendly virtual store helps users buy green.
* partners with over 24 nonprofit organizations to help impact sustainable change.
* A social network for the planet, spans over 150 countries and growing.

* Earth Protect, Inc. was founded by filmmaker Grant Barbeito and later joined by Dr. Carol Barbeito.
* Earth Protect, Inc. was incorporated on August 8, 2007 in Colorado.
* October - November 2008: Earth Protect, Inc. held a youth launch with Colorado’s Castle View High School (CVG2), CO; Environmental Charter High School, CA; Tree Musketeers, CA; Earth Charter Youth Initiative of Liberia; Natural Resources and Sustainable Development University for Peace, Costa Rica; American University, Earth Charter Youth Group, Washington D.C.; Visionary Youth Ghana, Earth Charter Youth Group; ECYG for Social Empowerment; Earth Charter Youth Group, Zambia; Training Research Education for Empowerment (TREE), Bangladesh; joining with thousands of individual youths.

Advisory Council
* Virginia Elliott, M.Ed., Vice President for Programs, United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, USA
* Dr. Richard E. Franklin, CEO and Founder, Envirobrand, USA
* Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, Ph.D., President, KH Consulting Group, USA
* Stuart Jackson Hayward, M.S., Environmental Activist, Bermuda
* Hugh Lavery, MSc, Ph.D., MEc, FEIANZ, Chairman, Australian Environment International, Australia
* Jill Mordaunt, Ph.D., Chair, grownupgreen, United Kingdom
* Stephanie Wernette, J.D., Project Manager and Environmental Consultant, TRC Solutions, USA

Nonprofit Partners
* Africa Bridge
* Australia Koala Foundation
* Australian Youth Climate Coalition
* Bermuda Cavers Group
* Bermuda Environmental & Sustainability Taskforce (BEST)
* California Wildlife Center
* Caribbean Conservation Corporation
* Earth Charter International Secretariat
* Earth Charter Center of Education for Sustainable Development at UPEACE
* Earth Charter Youth Group for Social Empowerment and Development-Zambia
* ECYG Climate Natural, Bangladesh
* Environmental Charter High School
* Focus the Nation
* grownupgreen
* Northwest Earth Institute
* Orca Network
* The Bermuda Association of School Eco-Clubs (BASE)
* The Lung Connection, Inc.
* The True Media Foundation / Be Heard! TV
* The Wild Dolphin Project
* Tirimbina Rainforest Center
* Tree Musketeers
* UCLA Center for Tropical Research

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