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Think Twice Before Adopting a Gorilla


Think Twice Before Adopting a Gorilla

Earth Protect Productions takes a tongue in cheek approach to the serious issue of protecting our planet’s wildlife.

(May 26, 2011) Los Angeles, CA—Earth Protect Productions has launched its latest video ‘A Gorilla Makes A Bad Roommate’ on protecting endangered species. The video shows that going to the extreme of actually taking a gorilla into your home may be just a bit too zealous even for the most motivated of citizens. Earth Protect Productions creates videos for Earth Protect and other organizations interested in producing a message about generating positive action leading to a sustainable future worldwide.

The video is the first of several short public service announcement (PSA) style videos that put a twist on traditional actions often advocated by environmental organizations. “Earth Protect’s purpose centers around seeing an image or film that then translates into a personal, positive action,” says Earth Protect Production’s Creative Director and owner Grant Barbeito. “We also know that humor can engage an audience more effectively than scare tactics so we poked fun a bit by showing what literally adopting a gorilla might look like.”

The video shows the perils and pitfalls of taking a gorilla into your home telling a tongue and cheek story that leads people to learn about more effective actions on The gorilla-gone-wrong video can be viewed at:

About Earth Protect Productions
Earth Protect Productions is a full-service video and film production company producing products from PSAs, commercials, documentaries and feature films. Based in Los Angeles, the company specializes in environmental, clean technology and sustainable development focused projects and helps organizations and companies tell, sell advocate and educate their target audiences. Earth Protect Productions creates videos for Earth Protect and environmental, clean tech and sustainable development organizations.

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