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Posted by on in Animals
Here are some grounds for hope. For decades, scientists and environmentalists have believed that we are driving so many species to extinction that there is little chance of preventing the world undergoing another mass extinction – such as the five that wiped out up to 95 per cent of species over the...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
NATURE’S SIGNALS are changing American minds about the risks of climate change. But Washington’s minds are lagging, despite President Obama’s stirring call to action in his inaugural speech. The best hope for achieving the transition to a low-carbon economy is through innovation to reduce the costs...
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Posted by on in Oil Spill
  Any serious oil spill in the ice of the Arctic is likely to be an uncontrollable environmental disaster despoiling vast areas of the world's most untouched ecosystem, one of the world's leading polar scientists says.   Oil from an undersea leak will not only be very hard to deal wit...
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