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WE want 100% recycled TP

Toilet paper may be on our minds, but it’s still not on store shelves. Could you ever have imagined such high demand for TP? Just as you may be experiencing varying levels of TP shortages, so too have retailers and suppliers. They’re having a tough time meeting the surge in demand, but there is a huge opportunity the industry has yet to seize.

U.S. tissue giants like Kimberly Clark, Georgia-Pacific, and Great Lakes Tissue all produce commercial lines of toilet paper containing recycled fiber that are supplied to offices, stores, and restaurants. Now that millions of people are home, the demand for these is pretty low compared to the at-home hiney wipe. That’s why we’re telling these companies that WE want 100% recycled TP, and asking them to use their commercial line paper mills to produce more 100% recycled, at-home TP.

Will you join us and add your voice to urge big tissue companies to produce more 100% recycled at-home toilet paper using their commercial line paper mills?


Think about all the beautiful trees that are being cut down en masse to produce more toilet paper at a higher pace. If these last few years have taught us anything, we need intact forests to fight against climate change. And studies have shown that there is a clear link between deforestation and pandemics. So, if protecting wildlife habitat is our best defense against future disease outbreaks, why log thousands of acres of forests for loo rolls?

The tree-to-toilet pipeline that most of the industry is on cannot continue. On average (pre-COVID times) Americans use three rolls



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