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Barbaric Hunting Conditions proposed in Montana, What is the Deal?

Mike Hattel, Louisville Why return to barbaric hunting in Montana?

“Bears, wolves become part of the culture wars,” March 29 news story The Denver Post 

The article reports that once again barbaric hunting techniques are being introduced, this time in the Montana state legislature. If the hunters in Montana feel they need and must hunt wildlife, then they could certainly do that in an ethical, humane manner and abide by the present laws and facts from qualified wildlife biologists.

Unfortunately, Greg Gianforte, the first Republican governor in that state in 16 years, and a Republican legislature are putting forth several bills that should be repugnant to us all. According to the article, the bills would include not just more killing of wolves to drive down their numbers, but the following practices: “ ...the use of spotlights at night, which is considered unethical because it temporarily blinds the animal; hunting animals by luring them with bait such as wild game or commercial scents; night vision scopes and widening use of neck snares that catch and choke animals to death. Other controversial predator proposals allow hunting black bears with hounds — a practice outlawed a century ago ... .”

Where is the humane and moral compass of those who would propose these barbaric hunting techniques?

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