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Posted by on in Ocean/Seas/Coastlines
Source:Georgia Institute of Technology A new analysis of decades of data on oceans across the globe has revealed that the amount of dissolved oxygen contained in the water -- an important measure of ocean health -- has been declining for more than 20 years. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Te...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
Global warming is likely playing a bigger role than previously thought in dead zones in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world and it's only going to get worse, according to a new study.   Dead zones occur when fertilizer runoff clogs waterways with nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphor...
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Posted by on in General Environment
Evolution of the first burrowing animals may have played a major role in stabilizing the Earth's oxygen reservoir, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience.   Around 540 million years ago, the first burrowing animals evolved. When these worms began to mix up the ocean floor's sedime...
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