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The American People Support Paris Agreement

The American People Support the Paris Agreement


Climate change is a serious threat to the economic prosperity, national security, and public health and welfare of the United States and nations around the globe. That’s why more than 190 nations came together in 2015 to create the Paris Agreement, a historic pact to curb carbon pollution and avoid the worst impacts of climate change before it’s too late.


On June 1, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. This decision creates grave risks for the American people and the planet.


Fortunately, states, cities, businesses, investors, colleges, universities, and others are working together to take up the mantle of climate leadership in the United States. They account for the majority of the U.S. economy and U.S. emissions—and they are working together to achieve the clean energy vision of the Paris Agreement.


They are still in, and we are, too.


President Trump’s decision does not represent the will of the American people or the direction of our country. The majority of Americans support the Paris Agreement—including the majority of Americans in every state. Meanwhile, clean energy capacity and clean energy jobs continue to grow—and continue to support our economy.


We are telling the world and our leaders at all levels of government that we support the Paris Agreement and stand with people everywhere in the fight against climate change.


We call on U.S. states, cities, businesses, investors, colleges, and universities to pursue ambitious climate goals and make sure that the rest of the world understands that the United States remains a climate leader, regardless of the actions of the federal government.


We applaud the leadership of these subnational entities and we encourage them to work together to determine their collective emissions reduction potential, set an ambitious climate goal, and strive to meet it.


As individuals, we will work to reduce our carbon emissions and support the global climate movement.


The people of the United States remain dedicated to creating a clean energy future. Together, we will protect the prosperity, security, and health and welfare of our country and the planet.




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