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Our view: Protect earth year-round


Hundreds of people from throughout McHenry County donated a little of their time on Saturday to clean up community parks, wetlands, roadways and other areas in honor of Earth Day.

We commend everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to help make their communities a little cleaner and more enjoyable.

“I know that it’s important to clean the Earth and respect it,” 7-year-old Allison Apmann told us for a story that published Sunday. Allison and her mom were at Lake in the Hills’ Sunset Park on Saturday on behalf of the Target in Algonquin, where mom Kathy is an employee.

It’s especially important to teach our children to respect our planet, not to litter, to clean up after themselves, and to preserve Earth’s precious resources.

And this is a message that needs to be communicated year-round, not just on Earth Day.

Of course, cleaning up trash is just one way to help our planet. There are many other ways.

Numerous ideas are available at Examples include:

• Use public transportation, carpool, walk or ride a bike whenever possible. Driving? Choose the most direct route.

• Save water. Don’t leave the tap open while brushing teeth.

•Buy high-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances.

• Join the environmentally enlightened – use sunscreen, check water quality before heading to the beach, and read pesticide labels before using them.

• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Leave grass clippings on the lawn instead of bagging. Buy reusable grocery bags – and use them. Watch the weather. Put fertilizer down just before a storm and you’ll be pouring your money down the drain, and sending fertilizer into the nearest stream.

Adopt earth-friendly practices, and encourage your neighbors to join you.

Let’s enjoy Mother Earth year-round.





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