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Posted by on in General Environment
Dear Earth Protectors,  In the face of the new administration coming into office in January with a stated position unsupportive of the UN Paris Agreement, the US Environmental Protection Agency and with campaign promises to increase coal and other fossil fuels, we are challenged to be mor...
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Posted by on in Population
With today's technological advancements, better and more accessible nutrition, it is easy to see why populations have sky-rocketed around the globe. Various systems of government across the world also have large impacts on population growth. It is interesting to note the difference in population bet...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
More than two dozen Democratic senators will take to the Senate floor on Monday for an all-night session of speeches on climate change. The marathon session will get underway after the last vote on Monday night and could last until 9am on Tuesday, Senate staff said. The high visibility all-nighter...
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Posted by on in Green Products/Services
  Environmentalists and green marketers are always talking about “saving the planet.” Buy this car, this laundry detergent, or this light bulb and you will help save “the planet” or “nature” or “the environment.” Jenny Price, for one, wishes they’d stop. Price is an activist, historian, and s...
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Posted by on in Agriculture
  It turns out converted rainforest land is neither particularly productive as farmland nor climate smart, since creating it releases huge amounts of carbon sequestered in trees. Now that we’re surrounded by 7 billion of our closest friends, it’s probably a good time to talk about how we’re ...
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