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How to protect the Monarch Butterfly in México


If you are in Mexico visiting some of the places where this beautiful butterfly migrates every year from all around the world, you have to stick to some important rules to protect them. It's very important because a huge amount of people come to this places to visit the natural landscapes and animals but often feel the need to "take something back" to remember the trip and try to catch one of this marvelous butterflies or a flower or a bug, anything... 

I wrote a list in English with the warnings, since most of the visitors don't understand Spanish.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Hunting, capture or collect any type of animal
  • Collect, cut or pick any type of plant, flower, vegetable
  • Throw anything on the floor
  • Camping, fire and smoking
  • Walk away of the manufactured roads
  • Drink and eat inside the National Parks
  • Touch, step or throw anything to the butterflies

Some of this things seems quite obvious, but when i went there i saw a lot of people doing things like this and it's painful because all of the job this people is doing to keep them safe.

For more information about the Monarch butterfly

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